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It is an intiative to help developers and security researchers to get all security resource related to IoT devices. Although listing out all resources related to IoT is very difficult, but i have tried my best to list out Major technical material available.

As IoT is broadly based on four components: Embedded Systems, Cloud, Network, Mobile. We will have resource related to first three in this wiki and for Mobile we already have MobileSecurityWiki which is also my project.

If you find anything missing or have some resource to add, please add through contribute section.

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Presentation Conference Year Author Link
A Surface Area Approach to Pen-testing the IoT Defcon 23 2015 Daniel Miessler Video Slide
The Hand that Rocks the Cradle: Hacking IoT Baby Monitors Defcon23 2015 Mark Stanislav Video
Security of Wireless Home Automation Systems - A World Beside TCP/IP Defon23 2015 Tobias Zillner & Sebastian Strobl Slide
Securing the IoT World Defcon 23 2015 Aaron Guzman Video Slide
Yes, You Can Walk on Water: Application & Product Security on a Startup Budget Defcon23 2015 Brian Knopf Video
Cameras, Thermostats, and Home Automation Controllers - Hacking 14 IoT Devices Defcon23 2015 Wesley Wineberg Video Slide
Smart Hone Invasion Defcon23 2015 Craig Young Video Slide
Practical IoT Exploitation Workshop (MIPS/ARM) Defcon23 2015 Lyon Yang Video Slide
Advanced SOHO Router Exploitation HITBGSEC 2015 Lyon Yang Video Slide
Pwning IoT with Hardware Attacks Defcon23 2015 Chase Schultz Slide
SWEET SECURITY - Creating a Defensive Raspberry Pi Defcon23 2015 Travis Smith Slide
Securing the Internet of Things: Mapping Attack Surface Areas Using the OWASP IoT Top 10 RSA Conference 2015 Daniel Miessler Link
IoT Security BSides 2015 Justin C. Klein Keane Video
Securing the Internet of Things IoT Conference 2015 Paul Fremantle Video
The Internet of Fails - Where IoT Has Gone Wrong Defcon22 2014 Mark Stanislav & Zach Lanier Video


Research Studies

Title Organization Year Link
The Internet of Things: Security Research Study Veracode 2015 Link
Internet of Things Research Study Hewlett Packard 2015 Link
Insecurity in Internet Of Things Symantec 2015 Link
Securing the "Internet of Things" Survey SANS 2014 Link

Research Papers

Title Year Link
Enhance Embedded System Security With Rust 2016 Link
Requirement of Security for IoT Application based on Gateway System 2015 Link
Threats Analysis, Requirements and Considerationsfor Secure Internet of Things 2015 Link
Hybrid Lightweight and Robust Encryption Design for Security in IoT 2015 Link
A Study on IP Exposure Notification System for IoT Devices Using IP Search Engine Shodan 2015 Link
Security Framework and Jamming Detection for Internet of Things 2015 Link
Personal Information Security and the IoT: The Changing Landscape of Data privacy 2015 Link
Design of the Secure Compiler for the IoT Services 2015 Link
On the design of lightweight link-layersecurity mechanisms in IoT systems 2015 Link
A Digital Door Lock System for the Internet of Things with Improved Security and Usability 2015 Link
Security Threats on National Defense ICT based on IoT 2015 Link
On the Security and Privacy of Internet of Things Architectures and Systems 2015 Link
Cyber Security for Intelligent World with Internet of Things and Machine to Machine Communication 2015 Link
Study on the Vulnerability Level of Physical Security AndApplication of the IP-Based Devices 2015 Link
A Lightweight RFID Security Protocol Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography 2015 Link
DTLS-HIMMO: Efficiently Securing a Post-Quantum World with a Fully-Collusion Resistant KPS 2015 Link
Study on a Secure Wireless Data Communication in Internet of Things Applications 2015 Link
IoT: The Internet of Threats and Static Program Analysis Defense 2015 Link
Event driven adaptive security in internet of things 2014 Link
Internet of Things: Architectural framework for eHealth security 2014 Link
Privacy and Security Issues for Healthcare System with Embedded RFID System on Internet of Things 2014 Link
An Approach for Cyber SecurityExperimentation Supporting Sensei/IoT forSmart Grid 2014 Link
Toward an Inverse-free Lightweight Encryption Scheme for IoT 2014 Link
Broadcast Based Registration Technique for Heterogeneous Nodes in the IoT 2014 Link
An Evaluation Scenario for Adaptive Security in eHealth 2014 Link
Security requirements of IoT-based smart buildings using RESTful Web Services 2014 Link
A survey on providing security to the wireless sensor networks integrated with IOT 2014 Link
IOT Secure Transmission Based on Integration of IBE and PKI/CA 2013 Link
An Empirical Research on InfoSec RiskManagement in IoT-based eHealth 2013 Link
Security and privacy challenge in data aggregation for the iot in smart cities 2013 Link
Designing a secure service manager for internet of things 2013 Link
Identity Authentication and Capability Based Access Control (IACAC) for the Internetof Things 2013 Link
Security Architecture of the Internet of Things Oriented to PerceptualLayer 2013 Link
Towards a Light Weight Internet of ThingsPlatform Architecture 2013 Link
A bi-direction authentication protocol for RFID based on the variable update in IOT 2013 Link
Novel Threshold Cryptography-based Group Authentication (TCGA)Scheme for the Internet of Things (IoT) 2013 Link
A Survey on Security Issues of M2M Communications in Cyber-Physical Systems. 2012 Link
Making Devices Trustworthy: Security and Trust Feedbackin the Internet of Things 2012 Link
A bi-directional security authentication architecture for the internet of vehicles 2012 Link
Security for Practical CoAP Applications:Issues and Solution Approaches 2011 Link
A Security Protocol Adaptation Layer for theIP-based Internet of Things 2011 Link
Security in the Internet of Things 2011 Link
Assessing the Security of Internet ConnectedCritical Infrastructures 2010 Link

OWASP Resources

Case Studies


Firmware Analysis

IoT Development Tools

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Operating Systems

IoT App Development Protocols


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